Beads for Hope

The Beads for Hope Program

Upon hearing about the work of her Aunt Eve, Veronica Valera, at the age of 13, decided to do something to provide support and encouragement to women seeking support surrounding an abusive relationship. Toward this end, Veronica started a project called “Beads for Hope,” making unique, beautiful bead bracelets with an inspiring message (either in English, Spanish and French), free of charge to women who have or are experiencing intimate partner violence.

Veronica made the bracelets so that her Aunt could offer them to women with lived experience wherever she gave lectures.

As the program was growing and Veronica could not keep up with the need for more bracelets, Veronica’s younger sisters, Marguerite and Georganne, began making bracelets as well.

Now that Veronica has gone off to college, Marguerite and Georganne, have been carrying on the torch making the bracelets both on their own and with other programs including Girls Learn International, and a volunteer group called Junioretts. It is their, and our, hope that women will wear these bracelets and be reminded that they are deserving of beauty, recognition, and hope.

Approximately 600 bracelets have already been given out and have been met with smiles, tears, and gratitude. These bracelets have been distributed nationally across the US as well as  internationally including, Quebec, Ontario, London, British Columbia, and Dublin. This program shows us that even a simple act of kindness can be very powerful bringing a glimmer of hope and happiness in an otherwise dark and frightening situation. This program is ongoing.