Community Outreach

A large part of our lab’s mission is to raise awareness of intimate partner violence and its effects, specifically brain injuries. We carry out this mission through community outreach and advocacy work, including trainings and speaking engagements. In the past, Dr. Valera has spoken at shelters, community mental health centers, police departments, court houses, academic conferences and more on a local, national, and international level. These trainings and speaking engagements use findings from Dr. Valera’s research to inform practice and policy.
If you or your group are interested in learning more about domestic violence related brain injuries, please reach out directly to Dr. Eve Valera at

You can read more from Dr. Valera on her Harvard Health blog here or listen to her talk on various podcasts in the “news” tab.

Feedback from previous trainings

“I think today’s training was one of the most effective and important trainings we have had. The whole time, I had this sick feeling like, “Why have I never thought about this before?!” The impact that IPV-related TBI could have on so many of the parents in our system–particularly women–is profound. Add to that the lens of racial disproportionality, and it becomes devastating. Maybe we need a courthouse-wide half-day training that can educate everyone. Thank you so, so much for this important topic. I have heard a lot of people talking this afternoon about how important it was for us.”  – Supervising Attorney