Podcast – An Invisible Epidemic: A Survivor’s Story and What Courts Should Know About Traumatic Brain Injury

From the Judicial Council of California website

This podcast shines light on a condition that Dr. Eve Valera describes as an epidemic that our society does not know enough about. The condition is traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, in women who have experienced intimate partner violence. As Dr. Valera explains, what we know about TBIs is mostly based on research in men, specifically military members and professional athletes. Listen to this podcast to hear the personal impact of TBI on a survivor; what we know about TBI in intimate partner violence victims and survivors; and what lawyers, judges and other professionals in the court system can do to better accommodate victims and survivors.

In this podcast you will hear from:

  • “Mary”, a survivor of intimate partner violence
  • Dr. Eve Valera, Researcher and Associate Professor, Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Harvard Medical School
  • The Honorable Julie Emede, Judge, Superior Court of Santa Clara County
  • Mervyn Degaños, podcast producer, as narrator

Please listen here: Listen · 34:08 [Transcript]