Podcast – Listen to Dr. Valera on ilobeyou

Podcast – Listen to Dr. Valera on ilobeyou

Listen to Dr. Valera on Season 3 of ilobeyou, a podcast that “blends stories, investigation, psychology and a heavy dose of curiosity about the organ that drives us all. Our brain!” Available here, or wherever you stream your podcasts.

Dr. Valera speaks with Julia Vander Steen on multiple episodes as an expert in intimate partner related brain injuries and how they affect women.

ilobeyou Season 3: Unseen 

“It has been deemed global public health epidemic. A sub-sect of the population that is subject to brain injuries at a much higher frequency than NHL players. It’s rarely studied and frequently glossed over. Discover the warning signs, the subtle manipulation, enter the courts and bear witness to the beauty of survival. Listen to the ground breaking research that is slowly ramping up. Let’s lift the veil in this, the most extensive, deeply personal season yet.

When it dawns on you, this will be a lightbulb moment.”